Feb 22, 2009

EK goes home

Since I last wrote, my plans have changed. The global economic woes have made me rethink spending on travel.

So the world trip is off for now and it's back to Edmonton to live with Mops & Pops. They're happy and so am I because there's lots to see and do at home.

I love Winterpeg, or as Pops & Mops sometimes say, "We'll always have Winnipeg." Talk about Rick & Ilsa wannabees. <8-)

It was really snowy there and I was invisible. My only salvation was to stop washing and get 'down and dirty' as shown in this photo. As you can see, a grubby Edelweiss is one unhappy fur ball!

They would not serve me in any of the fancier restaurants but the Salisbury House, or the Sals as it's know locally, came through. The Sals diner has been a Winnipeg institution for over 75 years. Mops tells me that her Mom used to work there in the 1940s. And in her teens Mops herself would stop in for a large chocolate milkshake. "Meow!" is all I can say.

So heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to Edmonton I go!