Dec 27, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Sheesh! All these resolutions to ponder!Mops and Pops are going nuts making resolutions, so, not to be left out, I decided to make some too.

Everyone says that New Year's resolutions are made to be broken
. I look forward to that!

1. Exercise more. Chase birds, butterflies, and mice. Run from dogs.

2. Widen social activities. Join a choir - group purring can be fun.

3. Be more adventurous. Investigate crawl spaces, dark closets, and try, just once, to sneak into a bird shop.

4. Spend more time with the family. Prepare to be stroked, tickled, hugged, placed on laps. Hmmm....I may have to lick human skin (yuk!) and eat whatever is fed me, even left-over sweet potato pie.

5. Stick to a budget. Never go to the mice market hungry.

6. Improve hygiene by following the house rules: Use the litter box! Use the litter box! Use the litter box!

7. Help others. Remember a roll of toilet paper is not a ball of yarn.

8. Improve diet. Look for lean mice.

9. Get organized. Divide bowl into mice bits, bird bits and fish bits.

10. Learn new things. Experiment with raw vegetables.

Love & purrs, Edelweiss
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Dec 24, 2008

Going Green for the Holidays

Christmas offers a thousand things for a cat to do. In my case, other than pawing the ornaments on the tree, often with mixed results, I love playing with the left-over mountain of wrapping paper and gift boxes. There is nothing quite like digging ones claws into crinkly tissue, except maybe chasing a runaway ball of yarn. I love it when I can stretch out and fall asleep on the tissue paper amid all the hubbub and chin wagging.

But this year everyone's gone green.That means no tissue, no crinkly paper, and nothing that would harm the ecosystem. Some folks use brown paper and spruce it up with dried twigs, sprigs of holly and dried berries. It's very homespun and au naturel, as they say in French. Others use newspaper as wrapping, going so far as to match story headlines with the gift. They make it appealing and witty, but be careful of newsprint stains, risky for white balls of fur like me.

And then there are reusable gift bags made of paper or cloth. Pops says that cloth ones are greener, especially if they are not whitened by bleaching. Looks like white is out. Oh dear!

If we go totally green, w
hat will become of this Christmas classic?

These are the sign of the times and, like everyone else, a kitten like me has to do my part. I paw the Holly sprigs and hide in the cloth bags. It's great fun!

Love and purrs,
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Dec 20, 2008

Home for the Holidays

I am so pooped!I'm finally back in Canada after nearly a year of being in England attending school.

Now that I'm home, food in Canada tastes strange to me. I fell in love with English food, particularly the fish. Here, unless you live by the ocean or near a lake, it comes from a tin.

However, Canadians have the best bacon in the world, bar none. In fact Canada is famous for its bacon. So is it any wonder that this Christmas I will enjoy a yummy bacon sandwich with my egg nog?

I love the English rain, which is an odd thing for a kitten to admit. I guess I just love England. From time to time it floods over there quite severely. Winters tend to be cool and damp. But the folks are very warm.

When I got off the plane I walked into a blizzard. There was snow everywhere! A little white ball of fluff like me has to be very careful when she goes out on a snowy day. I become invisible! And cars whizz by at the speed of light. What would happen if they collided with me? Oh what a cruel fate that would be!!

It's a good thing I decided to wear an electric red parka with a big furry hood and button up leggings. This outfit gets some very strange looks from the local cats. Such a vision I must present! They don't know whether to run, laugh or ask the name of my wardrobe designer.

This Christmas we are going to have an old movie festival. Out comes the popcorn and tissues! I'm hoping for Cats - The Musical and love it when the old cat sings "Memory":

This year I'll hang a paw sock up and hope it gets filled by Santa Claws, my kitten name for Old St. Nick.

Well this inaugurates my blog. Seasons Greetings to all and a Happy New Year!

Love & purrs, Edelweiss
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